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I could go through years of craziness with this company, but this last run-in is the worst yet.

As a Truck Driver i have to provide a report from my bipap to the DOT every 2 years. So, I take my memory card into Apria to get the report created. Apparently the memory card malfunctioned. (Apria has never replaced it). So I have NO information for my DOT physical. I can now loose my healthcard and career.

(You can't make the next part up)

So i look at the Service Rep , and explain to her that because of this "issue" with my memory card, i will loose my job, the job that pays for my insurance, the insurance that pays for her services. She looks at me, and without missing a beat, replies, "ya, so?".

I still have yet to get any help from Apria. So, i look on the Internet for a new memory card. I find that not only is my machine discontinued, that now the information can be sent via WIFI.

My Doctor wrote a script for a new machine months ago. One that will contact the DOT directly. We're still waiting for Apria. In the meantime, I have the pleasure of every 90 days wondering if my memory card has failed and it will be my last day in a 25+yr career.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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These *** rep at the desk told me I'm still not in compliance.. This broad you work for apria not the DOT...GIVE ME MY REPORT DUMB BROAD

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