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I am writing this note in a last ditch effort to rectify a fraudulent on going issue with your company. In May 2013, i had a respiratory arrest followed by a sleep study which diagnosed sleep apnea.

I received a cpap machine from your company. Doring the 2 years that followed, your customer service was unacceptable when you even responded and 50% of the time it took several contacts before there was a resonse at all. MY PRIMARY COMPLAINT is that in May 2015, 2 years after i received my CPAP you brought iut a new machine. Shortly after i received the new machine, i received a letter from you stating that after 2 years the machine is mine and i am responsible for the maintenance.

So why did you bring out a new machine? I tried for the next two weeks to contact you and a mjnimum of 5 times was put on hold fir lengthy periids if time as my call was routed thru several of you staff and many taped automatic selection calls. I then received a letter that I needed to set an appointment with my doctor for a script to requalify. Requalify for what?

I owned my machine. I tried again repeatedly to contact both corporate and local Apria providers. I found out from your corporate staff, i can no longer talk to our local office. My doctors office conacted you and you said it's was a missunderstanding i did nit need to recertify.

Now, i received a notice from my supplemental insurance, you have billed $621 for a new machine and that i will have to oay $175·23. THIS IS FRAUD!!! You are scamming Medicare and my insurance. I am giving you 72 hours to straighten this out.

By copy if thus note, i am notifying our local Apria that I will be notifying Medicare and my insurance of these facts and asking for an investigation into Aprias billing practices.

You can contact me at: Theresa Reinert, 1995 Glad Lane, Pueblo, CO 81004.

My email is tlrakaggpooh5@gmail.com. i look forward to your timely response.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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