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I talked for 45 minutes with Dan Starck, the CEO, about a CPAP my wife has. He was intransigent about the matter. All that mattered to him was the bottom line, and I invited him to sue me and see what a judge might think about my argument. Medicare approved the CPAP last year, now has reneged on its monthly payments, and Apria is demanding that we either return the unit or pay about $500. I have notified my credit-card company to disapprove any charges from Apria. Starck reportedly makes $19 million a year. Send your complaints to him:


26220 Enterprise Court, Lake Forest, California 92630

Dan is lonely. He needs to hear from you.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Apria Cons: Way they do business, Customer service, Billing practices, Business practice.

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OMG!! I'm sitting on old for the 6th or 7th time trying to speak to a supervisor about what I feel is a fraudulent claim from this horrible company and I'm reading the complaints on here from like 4 years ago and it would appear NOTHING HAS CHANGED with this company.

The people that answer the phone give nothing but lip service and there never is a supervisor to talk to no one ever calls back when they say they will. WHAT A JOKE!!!

This is what our healthcare has become.... puppets of the insurance criminals.


I have been using equipment from Apria since December 2018. I have a home oxygen concentrator and a portable oxygen concentrator.

In multiple multiple departments I have had problems! No one seems to know what the heck is going on!

I am so utterly frustrated, if things don't improve, I I'll ask my insurance company to find another company to deal with my needs. It is worrisome since I must have the oxygen and I don't have confidence in his company.


Worst customer service ever tried to speak to a supervisor and they transfer you to their menu or they just tell you there is no supervisor. I’ve been in the customer service call center my whole life and have never had to deal with such a horrid customer service . They have called me at 6:30 in the morning and they have called me at 7:30 in the morning even though I repeatedly tell them not to .


Use Apguard in stead of Apria. Great customer service and the billing and claims don't get screwed up.


Was this resolved? We have an issue with them and they have no signed contract and they keep billing us when they owe us money. They don’t return calls or emails.


The reviewer is absolutely positively correct, Apria is a dishonest company who does not tell the truth. It was not until had the insurance company call them with me on the line that they finally told the truth, which for 2 months told me an entirely different story. Whatever you can do, do not use this company,


Apria is an awful company when it comes to billing and customer service. They have messed up every time we have rcvd.

a medical product from Kaiser Permanente through Apria. I told Apria the next time they screwed up I would be writing a letter to the CEO of Kasier. Well, I will be writing the letter this week.

Most of the people that work at Apria are incompetent.

The customer service hotline goes to the Phillipines and you get people that barely speak or understand English. Awful company!


This company is uncaring, putting patients lives at risk with horrible service. When you hold peoples ability to breathe in your very hands it seems that you might have an understanding of the necessity oxygen, clean tubing, replacing old equipment when it is due.

The only thing these people understand is double billing..... and running people around on the phone.

We need recourse, is there not an Attorney out there some where willing to look into the practices of this company.... who holds so many peoples very lives in their hands???????


Dude, you're pointing a finger of unethical practice at a company - while you are attempting to keep something they own without having to pay for it?



Why should I have to pay for it when Medicare approved to pay (in full), then quit paying after two months? The issue is whether Medicare, after approving, should have paid the entire amount.

My position is that once it approved the item, Medicare was responsible for the entire unit. I have not suggested unethical practice (your words).

Mr. Starck and I have agreed to disagree, and I welcome a judge to cast the deciding vote.

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