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My husband is on oxygen 24/7 and has been in need of another "back up unit" as his is empty. These "back up units" are in case of a power outage or an emergency. He has had it for nearly two years in the home. I called Apria on Thursday to request one to be delivered and was told that someone would call me on Friday morning to set up time to deliver one on Friday. I waited until the afternoon and when no one bothered to call me....I called them again! this time they told me that I would have to wait until Monday? I felt that this was unacceptable and asked to speak with a supervisor....I spoke with a supervisor who assured me that one would be delivered on this day! she told me that it might be 10:00 P.M. but that their driver would call me first......come 9:30 P.M. I called Apria again asking about the delivery and was told that a message would be sent to the driver and he would call me back.

The driver did call me back but told me that he could not deliver one to me.....he said that he didn't have an order to do so? WTF? he told me that I would need to call customer service Saturday morning and request all of this again? I called Apria back again after speaking with him and I was told that customer service won't be there until Monday?

While speaking with several different people at Apria my husband and then myself......we were both asked about using so much oxygen and why we need it so soon? he had it for nearly two years and our insurance company and my husband are paying for this service! not sure why we have to jump through hoops to get anything done? this is not the first problem we have had with Apria.

It is very sad the way they treat people! we have had to practically beg for the things we need when we are paying for them? something is wrong with this picture. Should not have to worry about getting medical supplies or having oxygen so that you can breathe? yep I'm pissed! I will be calling our insurance company to complain.....maybe if they get enough complaints they will decide to use another company other than Apria.

Apria has been a pain from the very first day but I would be writing a book here if I continue so I won't.

If you have a choice use another service other than Apria!

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Delivery Service.

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I had to email the main office and sent detailed letter..Am finally gettting what we neeed today..one week late.A big apology from the supervisor(what good does that do?)Nothing but problems from this company

Debbie M

Update: I called Apria customer service again on Saturday at 9:00 A.M. sharp as instructed from the driver.....customer service (what a joke) tells me that no order has been recieved?

well wtf? I have spent two days trying to get them to order and deliver a back up unit to us!

So I ask for a supervisor and we go through this all again! now she tells me that Apria doesn't do same day delivery?

last time I checked a day was 24 hours.....I started on Thursday and was now Saturday?

I am now being told that one will be delivered on Monday......that is five days! we will see.

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