Albany, New York

When my husband retired my insurance changed and I notified Apria that Medicare was now my primary insurance. I gave them all the information and numbers.

About six months later I had received a call asking for the info again. No problem I believed. It's now a year later and after not receiving a piece of equipment I had requested I became concerned that someone didn't place the order. I was told there was a problem, paperwork had never been submitted.

Until this was cleared up and I was certified under medicare guidelines meaning all new testing from Dr's. I would not be able to get any new equipment. Apria has always been big on replacing worn equipment due to possible bacteria buildup. I guess that only applies when it's good for them.

Is this my fault someone didn't do their job.

I can't sleep at night due to a mask that leaks air and now it's leaving marks on my face from tightening the straps to correct problem. This is a company that's dealing with people's health and there not doing a good job at all.

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