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On September 1, 2015 my GP sent a prescription to Apria for a C-PAP Machine and Mask. I received a call from a rep on September 2 clarifying information who told me the script was being sent to Medicare for approval. I asked how long it would take. She said Medicare usually takes 3-10 days because they know that people need to get their machines. On September 4, I received another call from a rep asking me the exact same questions as the rep on the 2nd. She stated that she was sending the forms to Medicare and I told her that I thought the woman I spoke with on the 2nd had already done that. She rudely said no I'm sending them today. On the 11th, I received a message stating that my Medicare number wasn't coming up when trying to verify it. I called them back stating that I had been using the number since April 1, 2010 and there had never been a problem. I was transferred to the verification department and as it was after 5 by then, I left a message. On Monday morning I called again and was told that the case was being escalated to a manager who would definitely call me that afternoon. Tuesday afternoon I spoke with someone who told me the prescription was written incorrectly and was being sent back to my MD. The woman wasn't a manager and could barely speak English. I called on the 29th to check the status of my order and was told they received the correct prescription on the 24th and would be sending the forms to Medicare for approval. Needless to say, the forms weren't sent to Medicare until November and I finally received my machine on November 13th.

Everytime I spoke to a rep it was like starting all over again!!! One didn't know what the other had done. 5 weeks went by and they said they needed all 3 sleep studies. They were sent no less than 3-4 times to them. 7 weeks go by and they need the face to face summary of my appointment when my GP spoke to me about sleep apnea and scheduling a sleep study. That was sent to them 5 times because I would call the next day and they couldn't find it. The third time the woman who sent it made sure to note what section of the summary stated the discussion about sleep apnea. It was also marked on the page. I still received a call from a rep telling me they needed that document.

To add to my frustration, on October 3, I was told they just needed one document and I would receive a call on Tuesday October 6, telling me what time to come in that day to pick up my machine. When I called on Tuesday I was told by the rep there were no instructions or notes about me picking up my machine. He said he needed the sleep study from 7/24.

On October 19, I was told my order was being processed and I would receive a call telling me when to come in and pick up my machine. On October 22, I went in to the Kingston office and was told that the order was being processed to be sent to Medicare. Not being processed for pickup. I was told that the reps confuse the two things, processing the order and processing the machine.

One Monday I spent the entire afternoon going back and forth between Medicare and Apria. I had received a call from Apria the previous Friday afternoon telling me that my insurance company providers were listed incorrectly with Medicare. I needed to call Medicare and have them correct it or my machine wouldn't be approved. I called Medicare who informed me that my providers were listed correctly. I confirmed that I had Medicare as my only insurance. Workers Compensation insurance for 3 upper body injuries. They said there would be no problem. I called Apria who said I had to call Medicare back. This went on to 3 calls to Medicare and on the 3rd call they said Apria needs to do their job and not have me calling back and forth. So my 3rd call to Apria I told them exactly what Medicare had said and which department they needed to call.

I have never dealt with a company so inept in my life. I am on Social Security Disability since 2009 and I have been going to a Mental Health Clinic for meds for 22 years. I have certainly dealt with beaurocracies and never have I experienced anything like this.

It's their job to get Medicare approval for C-PAP machines. There is certainly a specific amount of documentation needed to send to Medicare for that approval. Why would the reps not look through what they have received from the doctor's office and then let them know what additional documentation is needed. Not 2 weeks later, 5 weeks later, 7 weeks later and not putting in clear and concise notes. Every time I called it was like starting over again! There are over 550 complaints on this website. Get a *** clue that Apria is clueless when it comes to Customer Service. Clueless when it comes to getting approval from Medicare or any other insurance company in anything resembling a timely manner. I'm sure patients have died waiting for their oxygen tanks!!!!

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