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8 Years ago I was diagnosed with Apnea. After the sleep study a machine and wow sleep but after 4 years I needed a new machine. This time with a different health insurance I found Aprea. They were nice but I did not like the wait, sleep study all that went with it. Turns out with aprea I didn't even need a valid script. The Dr that signed the order had no longer been with the hospital. No fuss no muss no exam and within a week a new machine. A forged script?

So the meat of the story, I did not like the machine it was not like my fist brand and nights like tonight back to 3 hours of tossing and turning. Again 4 years later my apnea has gotten worst so I contacted them. Thats when I found out the Dr that signed the order was long gone when I got my machine, yet Aprea insisted I saw a Dr. I had to they said and even provided a date of service for care. I question this but after a marriage the birth of my son who knew?

After the complaint they offered a free eval of the machine and I thought what a great company. They replaced all but the nuts and bolts of the machine and gave me a new mask a mask combined with this machine are causing health concerns.

After a Dental visit they said wow your really grinding your teeth and I said you must me mistaken. Sure enough my teeth got worst and that's right Aprea and that machine. After leaving a detailed message, they left one for me. OMG yelling at me telling me there was no way this machine could do this etc etc. The long and short of it all I have left is to write this and start over with a proper study and a Dr that really exists. After talking to the hospital staff they confirmed the Dr that wrote my script had been removed from the hospital 8 years ago. So regardless there was no way this DR could have written my order 4 years earlier. Forging a script is a class A felony. The mask that's causing my jaw to dislocate and grind my teeth guess I'll just have to grin and bear it until the next sleep study. I gave Aprea one last chance but after a lengthy conversation again they told me I had seen this DR ((He didnt work at the hospital, nor the state)) and told me the machine could not cause health problems. I asked them why so defensive for all I wanted was a new mask as this was a different one from the origional. They denied that they gave me the new mash as then had no record of the visit LOL. So that's been my experience, I didn't have a proper adjustment on the new machine a Dr never even looked at me. Now 4 years later I cant sleep and was given a mask that really appears to be wearing my teeth down and dislocating my jaw. Not to mention no sleep. Law suit on what, can the bogos script be traced yes. Can I prove that the machine and mask are causing health problems yes. Does anyone care, no. Know one except me.

Although I could not believe the fast service, if it's to good to be true it probably is. I'll do my best to make it through get my sleep study and new use this company again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Health Insurance.

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