Henrico, Virginia

I can't believe this company is one of only 6 for my area chose by medicare's new competitive bidding program. They are chosen as lowest bidder. So my respiratory health (oxygen, cpap) would be in their hands...... Not if i can do anything else. This company sounds awful. How does a company this bad stay in business.

In addition this new medicare comp bidding program stinks. The folks/companies we've delt with for years who are good, decent companies who work with low income folks allowing monthly payments as low as$10 per month with no interest and who have charity program for oxygen so i have no copay on it. Do you think these low ball companies will care about my problems. Doesn't sound like it.

In addition, 6 companies to handle the respiratory needs in the Richmond metro area which includes the city and several counties is unbelievable.

(From: The Richmond Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) which includes 3 other cities (Petersburg, Hopewell and Colonial Heights), and adjacent counties is home to approximately 1.25 million Virginians[2]). The Richmond Region is growing at a fast rate, one of the fastest growing metro areas in the country, adding nearly 400,000 residents in the past decade or so)

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your right Christlike and Amazed so true .


Apria is a leader in the industry. They are accredited by many outside organization Jchao being one. If you have an issue you should call your local branch and speak with the manager.

As far as co pays. Medicare recipients are told from the start what their part is. Just like at pharmacy, or doctors office, you are expected to pay all copays when they become due.

Apria by law would get in serious trouble for allowing pts to simply not pay. We are a for profit company. Just like any other healthcare company.

As far as charity every branch manager is allowed to take indigent pts. Those pt ar people who have zero income. However the company does follow res guideline for financial hardship. Again inquire at the local branch for your form. Medicare gives us the guidelines that we must follow. You may qualify for full, or partial financial khardship


Apria is a poor example of a Medical Care Company. JCHAO should analyze the treatment and services promised and those actually provided by Apria.

It should not matter from where payment is provided. All clients should be treated equally. If medical supplies are required as per a doctor's order, then Apria should fulfill this order without the difficults experienced by so many of their client; just read the complaints listed.

It is a wonder that Apria remains in business.


It is really quite interesting to be able to read between the lines. Basically, the only thing that you are concerned about is getting the use of oxygen and cpap therapy for FREE.

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