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My wife's polmonologist had a non-invasive vent system delivered to our house without even letting us know, which is NOT Apria's fault. My wife was rushed by the delivery man to sign the contract as he had other deliveries.

No one showed my wife how to use the equipment or what it was supposed to do. Then we started receiving bills for OVER $200.00 per month copay for this machine which we didi not know how to use. I contacted Apria several times and was threatened with being sent to collections on the FIRST call. It is the responsibility of the specialist AND Apria to be sure this kind of treatment and equipment is coordinated with my wife's primary care physician WHICH IT WAS NOT, IN FACT HER PRIMARY CARE SAID SHE DID NOT NEED THE MACHINE.

After several times contacting this bunch of non-caring idiots we filed for financial help which they denied because i forgot to total the monthly income sheet, too complicated for them I guess!!. Re-submitted the sheet, faxed it in and it was still turned down though no reason was given. All these people want is the money, they have no concern whatsoever for the patients, their income or anything else. MY WIFE TALKED TO THE SPECIALIST AND HAD THE MACHINE PICKED UP AND APRIA STILL BILLED US $530.97 for two month for a machine which was of no use.

I made arrangements to pay the balance which I felt I did not owe, however, with this sorry assed company threatening collection every time you call I thought it the best thing to do. One sorry company to deal with. Ask them about coordinating everything through the primary care physician as REQUIRED and they do not respond or answer your questions. All they are trained to say is that you signed the contract you owe the money.

This company needs to go out of business!! They have no concept of customer service or how to deal with people!

Product or Service Mentioned: Apria Customer Care.

Reason of review: sorry company.

Monetary Loss: $531.

Apria Cons: Dealing with idiots.

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No, Apria NEVER resolves customer complaints. I went ahead and paid them so I did not ruin my credit, however, these are the rudest, lease understanding , least informed people I have ever dealt with.

Talk to three different people ....get three different answers EVEN ON THEIR OWN ACCOUNTS. PLEASE...TRY NEVER TO HAVE ANY DEALINGS WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!

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