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In July of 2015 I called Apria Healthcare to report that my c-pap machine had stopped working and asked to get a new one. Somehow, my records were never recorded, so I was told that since I didn't have a copy of the original sleep apnea study, I would have to have a new one done. So, I began a fight with my insurance company to get a new test in order to get a new machine (they said wasn't necessary) although they had been covering supplies since 2007. Finally got the test done in October, and the Doctor signed the script and hospital sleep study center forwarded order to Apria on November 4.

Now, while all of this was going on, Apria kept calling every to weeks to see if i needed supplies on the machine that didn't work. For three weeks the sleep study center kept calling and asking if i had heard from Apria regarding my order...answer was no. Finally called Apria directly, and was told that i was not a customer of theirs...couldn't find me. After three days of calling they finally found i was a customer, and low and behold...there was no record of receiving any order from the Doctor (guess my primary care physician and the sleep study center were both lying)

Called the Sleep Study Center back and they reconfirmed they had sent signed orders on November 4th. On December 1st Apria finally confirmed that they had "just received" the order. called my house and told me to go to the Portsmouth, NH office on Friday, December 4 between 9 am and noon, or 1 to 4 pm. Took three hours off from work and arrived at the Portsmouth office at 9:15 am on Friday, December 4 and was informed by an older lady that they had an order, had a machine, but no therapist there and she couldn't help me. Wished me a nice day as i left the office....and waited. After two more business days and no word from Apria, i called back in. Again was told that i wasn't a patient, so hung up, called back in, and miraculously, i was suddenly a patient. Complained about not having a machine yet and no call from them, and being rather frustrated, said i hoped that they gave better care to patients on oxygen.

Got a call back from a lady who wanted me to come in the next day (which i couldn't because of work) but said i could make the next day...(therapists don't work on Thursdays) but they needed a credit card number. I kind of didn't trust them to walk my dog across the street at this point. Ended up getting a call from a " Customer Service " rep in Bangor , ME, stating that they felt that they couldn't give me the service I needed and perhaps I should look elsewhere.

By the way, never during any interaction with this company did they ever say they were sorry , or assure me that I would get a machine.


Michael Provost, Newmarket, NH

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Apria Cons: Call center - poor service do not use this company.

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I believe you. I had been a patient with SleepApnea and on a CPAP machine for several years.

Apria sent me equipment that I did not order, i would return it and again they would send bills for items I never ordered , never received and when I refused to pay for things I did not own or order they turned it over to a collection agency.

This is baloney. These people are scam artists that do not care at all about the patiend=tjiz

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