I Hate Apria Healthcare

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My wife works for Apria Health care over 10 years.Managers and corporate that have no respect for employees and customers.

four years ago their was 5 other people working the same department as my wife. she is the only one left and doing the work of 5 others. Their is no time to get anything done properly. it always hurry up.

20 hours of work in 10. They make it that you have NO family life. Never can have family dinner unless you plan it 11pm. 10 hour days you actually have to put in few free hours a day to get everything done half way.

If it is not done your out of a job. I happen to be in the office one day when my husband was called on his nextel by his manager. So I could hear everything. Oh my goodness from the time her boss opened his mouth he was so mean, I mean MEAN.

treated him so bad her Boss is Evil. I felt so sick for my wife having to put up with such treatment. she has No choice. Either you suck it up cry when you get home or your out of a job.

The company pays good and has pretty good insurance. The office she works in use to be a great place to work but because they have an new Evil boss Nobody is happy. Everyone hates him. He is having an affair with sales lady and doesn't hide it.

he even hides little notes to call to see how long it takes you to find them The customers suffer because the staff cant give them good quality service treat customers like ***. The drivers have to drive three hours away to customer that need supplies. If their is a emergency the customer waits along time. In morning you could be say in southern part of state and then turn around have to drive to northern part of state and back to southern because no drivers local.

The vehicle are very COLD and unsafe. The drivers are on GPS and cant even stop to use the bathroom. Employees now must keep a log on what they are doing every hour of the day so not min is being wasted. The offices are a mess very dirty no one cleans them.

Employees have NO time to clean them.

So if you want to work for Apria Yes you make good money but you will be a slave and treated like ***.They need to go union.

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324 of 326 Apria Reviews
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Apr 28, 2014

The above complaint is confusing; first, you state your wife works for Apria,later in your note you state your husband does. This indicates a writer who is looking for a venue in which to just gripe. As for Apria, my dealings with them have been mostly of a positive nature. Efficient and friendly so far. No major complaints here.

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Apria Sucks

May 21, 2014

Apria seems friendly fora while, then they start to turn. They are try to extort money from us. I have proven a zero balance, and yet they call constantly wanting a credit card number. They refused to send formula to my husband (the only thing keeping him alive in his cancer fight as he could not eat). The said until we gave a credit card number he could starve. My insurance company had been paying the bill all along, and they helped find another formula provider. Be very careful, as they will *** over too.

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mowed over

Aug 15, 2013

Apria lies to their employees about everything. The management is in charge of bs not business. They have used Medicare cuts over and over again to lay off only to rehire for the same jobs again two months later.
If you just stuff it and never speak the truth you might survive, but don't count on it.
they don't care about patients either, it's all about greed. no integrity.

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Aug 15, 2013 New York City, New York

This company is ineffective AND CORRUPT. They lied to me at every local branch level. The obfuscate and try to confuse you. I have been in the insurance industry as an executive for 20+ years and have never seen this amount of poor service. Go to someont else for your equipment. I can't imagine how bad it must be to work there.
Good luck!!!

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Stanley's Friend

May 11, 2013


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Dec 12, 2012

I called the local Little Rock office today just to check if they took my
Insurance. After thirty minutes and four different people ( three in India.
) I finally got a half-hearted answer which was probably a lie. I will be
Looking for supplies elsewhere. :x

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Former Employee

Oct 15, 2012

This has got to be the worst company that i have ever worked for, The Jackson,TN center is AWFUL! you have female supervisors sleeping with other female employees and not doing anything they get paid to do! The manager Penny Smith that is over the whole center looks for ways to get rid of people! unless your in her "click". Stay far away from this place unless you want to be treated like ***! they set you up to be fired, meanwhile acting as if they like you. One supervisor in particular hits on her employees (female) that is and has been turned in for it numerous times and nothing has been done about it! because she is in Penny's click, I have reported them all and i hope something is done this time!HORRIBLE place to work!

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Former employee

Apr 22, 2013

Nothing will ever be done! This sounds like the branch in Madison Heights MI.

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Oct 10, 2012

Apria does not care about the employees. they expect you to be available 24/7 to do whatever they want. Raises are almost non-existent. All they care about is money, not the patients. Madison Heights BM allows employees to act however they want. Screaming, yelling, and slamming phones on patients is very common. And with the gas prices as they are, they have not raised the mileage rate for Therapists in over 3 years. Gas went from 2.89 to 4.14 and they never gave us more for mileage money. Bad company to work for.

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Joseph R. Brabo/Hannelore Brab

May 26, 2012

We have full insurance coverage for Apria's equipment for a Bipap S with Medicare and a Gap Insurance, which Apria has on file as listed in several other copies of invoices. Had problems with its Accounting Department before, and now receiving an invoice for $1,729.28.It seems that they never contacted the insurance carriers, but trying to collect funds from seniors (my husband is legally blind), possibly ruining our credit. We had the same insurance coverag for over 5 (five) years.

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The Stand Up Girl

May 11, 2012

"Written by Forest Gump on March 24, 2012 from bronxville, new york, US

I can still hear the words "run Forest run" when I see the name Apria Healthcare, their practices are worsed than torture. They make up rules as they go along you see noone really runs this company they do whatever they want at the time. Thats how it is to work for them they are a tacky organization of incompetent idiots who are only worried about revenue they have no idea how to run a company or how to treat employees most people her are the poor customers working for these people is just plain torture"

I cannot agree more and it must be the company culture as it is the same in Missouri.It is the most unhealthy environment i have ever worked in. They withhold proper training and then terminate people for not being trained or making mistakes. It is common practice to hire people and then "***" them out if they are not compliant. Compliant is actually vague. To be specific. They want you to act like a child who is comepletely dependant on the rule of the day (as the rules change almost daily) and/or be a yes man. Do not dare to point out potential errors, you will be punished. Make your voice known and they will terminate you. What they value is nepotism. If you are related to or friends with the boss you can go from receptionist to Supervisor in just a few short months....You need not have any product knowledge. They have drones they hire to worry about product knowledge.

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Peeved Off

Apr 17, 2012

having billing issues with Apria. They billed "x" amount on my invoice then I received a bill with the same "x" amount stating it is patient deductible. Better yet the 2 reps I spoke with informed me they were DENIED charges. I asked for an EOB...I didn't receive and EOB but an itemized statement from APRIA's SYSTME shows the same "x" dollars billed yet no adjustment. They want me to pay the entire amount when I KNOW I'm only responsible for the balance AFTER ADJUSTMENT. I even asked for a discount in order to be done with this company and 3 different people said no discounts given. If I would have known they don't know how to do billing I would've requested a local vendor!

I'm sending off some nasty letters with all my backup. I hope the CEO, CFO and all others are pleased when they receive my piece of mail.

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Mar 29, 2012


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Lets sue Apria

May 21, 2014

Conner. I am trying to get in a class action law suit against Apria. Have you dealt with this kind of thing before and could you help?

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Forest Gump

Mar 24, 2012

I can still hear the words "run Forest run" when I see the name Apria Healthcare, their practices are worsed than torture. They make up rules as they go along you see noone really runs this company they do whatever they want at the time. Thats how it is to work for them they are a tacky organization of incompetent idiots who are only worried about revenue they have no idea how to run a company or how to treat employees most people her are the poor customers working for these people is just plain torture

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Jan 18, 2012

Apria is the WORST company I have ever had to deal with. Very unprofessional. They DO NOT know how to file insurance, and then in turn try to tell the customer that they are responsible for payment. My case started in April, 2011. It is January, 2012, they STILL are sending me bills. They tell me that the balance is my deductible. I have Tri Care Prime, which is an excellent company, and Tri Care Prime doesn't even have deductibles. I finally had to call Tri Care myself, and do the work that April is suppose to do. They will have their money in a few days, but DO NOT ever use them. The equipment is overpriced because they know insurance will pay. Go to an outside source to get it. It's much cheaper, and you don't have to deal with Apria.

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Apr 11, 2013

I bill Tricare Prime on a daily basis and yes there is a deductible for DME so your facts are not accurate for all situations. Most people think that just because they have Tricare Prime and the medical is covered at 100% that everything is, but DME is only when Active Duty. I hope this helps, but by all means go where it is cheaper. :)

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Marylee from Midvale, Ut

Jan 05, 2012

Gee,after reading a few of the comments here I finally learned why I haven't heard from Praxair. When I called the number I always call to pay my bill over the phone it was answered by a recording that after some advertising about how wonderful they were and holding for 5 min; a message stated all the lines were busy and the mailbox was full and to call back later. I tried again - same thing. I guess they don't need my money! But I would like to get this resolved. It only took me 3 years to get things straightened out with Praxair. I have a feeling Apria will beat that record. I sure am glad I'm with another company now that seems to be better at customer service. So if they want their money, give me a call.

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apria user

Jan 05, 2012

I have had Apria since 1999. The only complaint that I have with them is there billing department. Who ever runs that department needs to be retrained.

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Jan 14, 2013 University Place, Washington

Question: Have you been sent to collections on a bill you know you paid? Do they say you owe and then can't prove why? That's what happened to me.

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