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  • Sep 26
  • Health Insurance
  • Unacceptable Customer Service
  • 74

My husband has been with Apria health care aprix.18 years. He was diagnosed with cardomyopathy and emhysemia at that time. He was sick enough to be referred for heart/lung transplant. After listening to all pros and cons we decided against. Apria has been our oxygen/concentrator supplier all these years and we have been pleased with our service until recently. The phone order system seems... Read more

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  • Sep 24
  • Health Insurance
  • Olathe, Kansas
  • Insurance Payment
  • 94

Names Eric. Double insured. Had sleep studies and surgery. Finally outfitted with APAP rental from Apria. Billing insurance $850 or so. After 1 year, ins decided to purchase machine from Apria for $850 lol. Thought that was it. Nope. Received collection threat march 2014. Asked Apria for documentation. Could not decipher what i received. April 1, 2014, threw in towel. Paid Britney with... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Apria
  • Sep 24
  • by anonymous
  • #538068

Waited for over 2weeks to get anyone to assist me in getting a CPAP machine for my husband had to rent one from a pharmacy at $75 dollars a week out of my own pocket now they are telling me I have to pay a monthly rental when my ins co authorized one for purchase I am going to have my ins co investigate this as fraud making the consumer pay Add comment


  • Sep 24
  • Health Insurance
  • Undelivered Medical Equipment
  • 33

Doctor orders it. Day 1, it doesn't arrive. Dr. orders it again. Day 2, I call Apria TWICE. Both times I'm assured it will be delivered. The second customer service rep even told me the delivery guy's scheduled route and indicated it should arrive before midnight. Didn't show. Day 3 I call again. They put me on the schedule for delivery again. I indicate that my child is very sick and I... Read more

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  • Sep 23
  • Health Insurance
  • Novato, California
  • Nonexistent Customer Service
  • 46

Apria is the worst company I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with! I've had nothing but problems from day one. Their customer service is non existent. When you call the company either the phone system is down or you're on hold for 35-60 minute before getting someone that is unhelpful. Yesterday I spent 3 hours on one call with Medicare and Apria on the same line with, no resolution!... Read more

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  • Sep 23
  • Credit Cards
  • Massachusetts, United States
  • Credit Charge
  • 55

Anyone who has given this co. your credit card # fax them NOW that you do not authorize any charges put on your card until YOU give them permission!! I was charged over $1400.00 because the ins. co. denied the claim pending medical reports. They billed me the next day instead of waiting for the ins. payment. After THREE hours on the phone and finally a conference call between the ins. and apria... Read more

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  • Sep 22
  • Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers, Doctors
  • Medical Supply Order
  • 34

I have been a customer for 4 years with Apria. For some reason this year they have been horrible. I am still waiting for my medical supply order from 5/20/14. I made a Better Business Bureau complaint on 8/25/14. I also made a complaint at the Joint Commission website on 9/22/14. Apria brags about their accreditation with the Joint Commission on their home page of their website. Please help me... Read more

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  • Sep 19
  • Health Insurance
  • Lakewood, Colorado
  • Oxygen Pump
  • 37

Could not deliver the equipment at the right time(3 attempts while I was at work) After 2 days they couldn,t pick the equipment up at the specified time so I wasted 2 evenings waiting around for them to arrive and take equipment, They never showed up so I had to waste more time driving to there office in Golden Colorado to drop their crappy equipment off. The receptionist was rude and couldn,t... Read more

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  • Sep 14
  • Health Insurance
  • Texas, United States
  • Bill Collection
  • 66

I have been a CPAP patient with Apria but have not visited an office nor purchased any equiment in quite a long time. I just received a notice from a COLLECTION AGENCY citing a bill from Apria in the amount of $xxx.xx. I have never received a bill from Apria, no phone calls, only an email stating something about an online statement which I couldn't even access. I had absolutely NO idea I owed... Read more

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  • Sep 12
  • Health Insurance
  • Modesto, California
  • Constant Billing
  • 54

They deducted from my personal checking account five months after my Father went on Hospice in which all Apria equipment was pick up and signed for. My father passed away later that same month, but Apria states they have been servicing my father since then, really? I replied how you service somebody who's Six Feet Under they will not do anything in writing. for an apology or to be... Read more

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