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My previous insurance company insisted that I buy cpap supplies from apria health. Big mistake. It took over a month to get the cpap delivered, and then insisted I go in to have it adjusted before they would deliver, which they then billed for. It cost more with insurance paying 80% then to buy on the internet. Now I cannot get rid of them. They call me every week or two, and there is no way to get off the telemarketing list. more words... Read more

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El doctor Waskow envio una carta el 22 de julio para que recogieran el equipo, llame el lunes 25 de julio para ver cuando lo recogerian la persona que me atendio me dijo que hasta el 29 de julio no lo podian recojer yo le pregunte si me iban a cobrar hasta esa fecha y me dijo que si yo no estoy usando el oxigeno se supone que cobren hasta el 22 de julio mi nombre es Ileana Rivera direccion 521 Shady Crest Circle Colorado Springs 80916 mi... Read more

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Got a cpap 5/16. Too ill to use it consistently. Started receiving Big Brother type calls DAILY " You're not using your machine often enough for Medicare standards. You have to use it 70% of the time etc" I lit up on them "15 years use & the sleep lab that got me this cpap say it's medically necessary. Medicare won't give me the supplies i need now that I'm confined to a wheelchair. And where were you when the domestic violence perp broke my... Read more

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I would rather suffocate then ever deal with these people again. This has been my experience. Terrible customer service. Inefficient, incompetent and unhelpful staff. Bounce you around from one person to another that is, if you lucky enough after a half hour or so on hold, to get a human on the phone. I returned my CPAP machine months ago and I'm still getting bills and supplies. I even went in person to the local office and still they... Read more

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  • Jul 17
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Apria was supposed to bill my IPA and not the insurance company. It has been 6 months, $400+ in bills debted to credit card, and still not fixed. Numerous calls to rude people who have no clue what the are saying.

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The worst got a 10 month old bill won't take back unopened supply's after 30 days not covered by insurance how can I do that when the bill comes 10 months later Read more

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Beware. Do NOT use APRIA. My daughter has cerebral palsy and a gtube. Needs specific enteral supplies and on time monthly. Apria can never get the order correct then the corporate alleged customer service vampires suck the life blood out of you trying to correct it. Also made illegal claims why could not return the wrong supplies. (I am an attorney so caught them at their insulting vile game of screwing other unknowing customers ) When informed... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 15
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My 94 year old old grandmother keeps getting a bill for $192.19 for DMEO and in my records there was no such equipment left with us yet this bill comes every month and they keep telling us it's a "mistake " and won't happen again yet it comes monthly for last 6 months

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I have been on a CPAP and receiving supplies from Apria for a few years now. In May, I changed to Medicare primary. My physician's office and myself have jumped through hoops and can not get my supplies. They have received all the proper documentation needed. I have filed a complaint with Medicare. I have had to buy my supplies on-line. One day I get a call that my supplies will be here in 7-10 days, the next day I get a recorded message... Read more

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My Mother needed a wheelchair, and Kaiser sent her to Apria. Apria told my Mother that they don't sell wheel chairs, only rent. So, I went on Amazon, found the chair that she had been renting - it was $150. Bought it outright, and will not rent any longer. So, she called to have the rental picked up. Off hand, asked them how much it would cost to buy that wheelchair. They said she could buy (after initial contact, where they said they... Read more

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