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  • Individual reps were polite2 votes
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  • Way they do business9 votes
  • Customer service9 votes
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  • 4 hours ago
  • Other
  • Wilmington, Delaware

today is Saturday, my wifes regulator needs a seal, leaking very bad, we live 2 miles from one of your locations but they are not open on weekends, so how are people going to use their oxygen when they have to go out. We have ordered these seals before, and they only send 4 at a time. There are lots of appliances I can get parts and repairs done on Saturday, but not our oxygen. What a shame. IF... Read more

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  • 4 hours ago
  • Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers, Doctors
  • Denver, Colorado

the tanks delivered leak and when we go to use them they may or may not have oxygen. This leaves us in need to contact apria on the weekend to have oxygen delivered. I have not been able to find a phone number that is answered on the weekend. I am told to call the after hours number of the local branch, the problem, they do not tell you what that phone number is. I keep being referred to the... Read more

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  • Feb 25
  • Health Insurance
  • Tucson, Arizona
  • Staff
  • 13

I get upset because when I try to call a local office I get routed to Kansas... I live in Arizona I want to get directions to a Tucson office and the guy in Kansas tries but he does not know Tucson!!!!! this is ridicules. and when I try to talk to someone in sierra vista it is impossible get real guys. I think you need to have someone in each office for things like this. when you are lost and... Read more

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  • Feb 24
  • Health Insurance
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Privacy Policy
  • 8

On 23 feb my wife received a call from 1 877 with options no. 4 number she said this is apria calling we are calling to update my daughter insurance info. I called them back and a guy answered , the guy has a english accent he sound like from another country like from india.or bahamas, what worries me was he.knows everything about me my social security no etc. Why apria have to hire customer... Read more

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  • Feb 19
  • Health Insurance
  • Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
  • Cpap Mask
  • 37

We moved from a good cpap provider to Apria since they carried the brand mask that we needed. After the first mask we got a number of robo calls and ordered a new mask. No response for a couple of months. Ordered again when their rep called. Again no response. Called them again and they said that we had to take our machine to them just to get a mask. So decided to change providers to another... Read more

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  • Feb 18
  • Health Insurance
  • Tullahoma, Tennessee
  • Cpap Machine
  • 26

This company has repeatedly billed my credit card company for erroneous charges for CPAP machine supplies which were paid 100% by Medicare and Blue Cross. The signed contract states that they will contact the patient for any charges not covered by insurance, but instead they simply go ahead and bill the patient's credit card with no notification to the patient. Blue Cross allows a certain amount... Read more

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  • Feb 17
  • Health Insurance
  • Boca Raton, Florida
  • Menu Options
  • 40

This place is the definition of HORRIBLE customer service. They seriously make Comcast look like customer services gods. First, you're called by one phone number, and then told to call another 888 number, so you already know you'll be forced to deal with several menu options, and no, you can't just select 0. So, after finally connecting to a human, you'll then explain yourself only to be told... Read more

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  • Feb 17
  • Health Insurance
  • Account
  • 27

apria healthcare some how can pay another company to get into your bank account if you use a MasterCard, by tracking the info of a old card and get the new cards information and go into the new account and debit whatever amount they THINK you owe them. whenever they would call me it was people from India and they couldn't make out what I was trying to tell them, then switch me to someone else... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Apria
  • Feb 16
  • by anonymous
  • #596209

I can't say enough terrible things about this awful company Apria Healthcare. The rudeness and Idiocy is unprecedented. I am actually going to get my supplies from a different company and pay more for them just so don't have to be hassled by these fools. Add comment

Have tried for 2 weeks to get help and they still haven't responded. Add comment

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