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Main address: 26220 Enterprise Court 92630 Lake Forest CA
(800) 277-4288, , contact_us@apria.com
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  • $51.3K claimed losses
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  • 2 hours ago
  • Health Insurance
  • Provex Cassettes
  • 2

Have been a customer for 5 yrs.everything was fine at the local branch.then they turned it all over to call center.takes 45 min to an hour for call to be answered.If you talk to 10 people you get 10 different answers.Nobody will tell you the truth.They don't know what they are doing.Taking things away from the localbranch was the wrong thing to do.Would not refer anyone to APRIA.Going to start... Read more

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  • 9 hours ago
  • Other
  • 4

I received bills for my 20% that was due. I paid my 20% always on time. The only bills that I received were for the 20%, I receive a call from INDIA!!!!! telling me that I have a $206 balance that is due and how would I like to pay for that. I asked why I had not received a bill for that amount only for 20%. INDIA told me they did not know. must not be on the cue card. I was told I had to... Read more

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  • 10 hours ago
  • Other
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Cpap Machine
  • 9

My wife left hospital three days ago at 2 pm. Apria was to get us the new Trilogy Ventilator and portable toilet and wheel chair. Less than ½ after leaving the hospital their technician is calling to set up a time for the ventilator. I also mentioned the potty chair and wheel chair. He said that equipment would be on the next truck. He arrives then wants a credit card number to secure the... Read more

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  • 13 hours ago
  • Health Insurance
  • Richmond, Virginia
  • 7

Placed order for C-pap supplies. Was told that it would take 2-5 business days for delivery. Called by day 7 to follow up and was told they require customer portion payment before mailing supplies. Well that was not told to me during ordering process. Then was told they tried to call me. If they did, they didn't leave message. Just left me hanging. Then called Dr.'s office to explain what... Read more

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  • Oct 27
  • Health Insurance
  • Sleep Apnea Machine
  • 32

I am a Kaiser Permanente member in California, a Medicare member, and a KP "Senior Advantage" member. I sleep study confirmed the need for a new sleep apnea machine to replace a very old unit which was not correctly adjusted as to flow, limits, ramping, etc. Here's the sequence of events: 1. In mid-September, Kaiser prescribed a new ResMed with humidifier and a new kind of mask. 2. Soon... Read more

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  • Oct 26
  • Health Insurance
  • Constructed Mask
  • 16

My Husband & I just bought my Husband a NEW c-pap machine and mask. We don't have any complains about the machine but the mask is terrible. Mike, (My Husband) told you from the get go that he did not like the new mask and that it leaked air. The traps over the head are to big and can not be adjusted down enough. Mike was told from the start that you didn't have any more of the older masks,... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Apria
  • Oct 23
  • by anonymous
  • #549666

I have been calling for a week about my CPAP machine and have not received any of the call backs I have been promised!! And have sat on hold approx 10 times from 21 to over 45 minutes for help with my issue. No help and some pretty rude customer service representatives !! Add comment


  • Oct 21
  • Health Insurance
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Unordered Nebulizer Charge
  • 35

I was charged on my Visa for $186.19 and then sent a bill for an additional $30.00. The company had my two insurance carriers but stated that they were unaware of the carriers. They also claimed that they sent me a letter stating that I would be charged the cost of a nebulizer of which I never received. If I am crammed others have been done the same issue. Never give them a credit card like... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Apria
  • Oct 14
  • by anonymous
  • #546369

I am now in my ninth week of waiting for a replacement mask for my cpap. This company is a joke. There is no follow up, the representatives on the phone do not know how to read a file and eventually when you get upset with their lack of follow up, they either promise to follow through or pass you along to the next person in line. I have never dealt with such blatant disregard in my life. Add comment


  • Oct 10
  • Health and Beauty
  • Southampton, Massachusetts
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • 52

Worst company I have ever dealt with. They were ok when I got my first CPAP 10 years ago, but the past 4 years have been *** trying to get supplies from them or a new machine. I have jumped thru all the necessary hoops to get a new machine because the one I have keeps shutting off while I am asleep. I have been trying to get a new machine since April 2014! It is now October 10th 2014! Nobody... Read more

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