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Apria is the second worst company (Comcast is #1) for billing that I've ever seen. They just started billing me out of the blue for no services rendered. I called them up in June 2015 when this happened and they acknowledged their billing error. Six months later, January 2016, they started billing me for no services rendered again! I've been on hold for 20 minutes to tell these nitwits again... Read more

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  • 12 hours ago
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Apria has many employees that work from home. No wonder no work gets done. I personally know an employee that works from home for Apria Healthcare and she does evedything from washing dishes, showering, blow drying her hair, playing on facebook, making personal phone calls, etc. She brags how "***" Apria is and how she "rips Apria off and gets paid to clean her house and play around all day." Add comment

I had a call from a rep from Apria and she left a message that my doctor ordered oxygen equipment for me. I was once an Apria customer but due to constant billing problems I went to another company for my oxygen needs. I called my doctor to see if he talked with Apria and his nurse was on the line with the rep that called me and I asked her if the doctor ordered from Apria and she said no. I told... Read more

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  • Feb 05
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My nebulizer pump broke they apria have me waiting for a Tech the little pump needs to be replaced I have copd and emphysema i use it 6 times i am running out of air PLEASE HELP NOAIR Add comment

My Dr. ordered a cpap machine for me in December. After a few weeks of no machine, I started calling the company. I have probably called 20 times since and each time I get a different story as to why I have not received the machine. I have been told several times that it already shipped, only to wait 4 days and call back to learn that it never shipped. This as happened at least 4 times. It... Read more

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Young lady from Apria contacted me and asked if I needed new supplies for my bipap machine. I told her that I could use all new supplies but only what was covered by insurance. She listed some items and I agreed. My supplies came within a few days and were delivered without any problems whatsoever. I was very pleased with the fact that they initiated the call and reminded me that my doctor had... Read more

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I did not think it was possible to have worse customer service t than the cable company. I was mistaken. I was put ion hold many times, Was told that I could not be helped with different reasons each time. I tried to get information to contact the local branch, only to be told that there was no local phone number and that the email was internal only. No one can actually get anything done -... Read more

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My husband was prescribed a CPAP unit and equipment Aug 2013. Our double insurances have paid a "rental" fee for this unit. Do they really think that a person will overcome a sleep apnea issue? After a year with this unethical company, we disassociated ourselves. Speaking with them you get total incompetence, billing errors and they do not hesitate sending you to collection at 30 days. Just this... Read more

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I moved out of state I had to find a new Pulmonary Doctor and they recommended APRIA, this was the 2nd week of December that I began this process. I have had to give APRIA my information twice and still have not heard from them or received my CPAP supplies. I have also worked well with folks in the Health Care field and feel that I have been very patient and flexible, this is the worst customer... Read more

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If Apria is ever mentioned to you as a company to use.... RUN.. even if it means finding a new doctor. I did not believe the adviase when given to me. I've no been a customer for over a year and have had nothing but grief. They will not change information correctly, only care is getting their money any way they can. Once that billing is satisfied even when paid out of my pocket their done. I've... Read more

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